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Licensed electricians near Springfield

Electrical Services in
Springfield VA

Electricians in Springfield, Virginia

Springfield Electricians Service Licensed – Bonded – Insured
Professional Electrical Services and Repair
Our Work Comes With a Warranty


Electrical Home Services in Springfield VA

Our home electricians are providing services in Springfield VA. We also service all the neighboring areas.
Sam and Sons Services is a local electrical contractor company licensed bonded and insured, a member in a good standing of the Better Business Bureau, reliably servicing Northern Virginia and Washington DC.
Our electricians can install and upgrade, troubleshoot and repair, remove, replace, wire and solve a wide variety of residential electrical problems that might face your home.
From interior to exterior, from attic to basement, from electrical panels to outlets, you can count on us for a job well done. Last but not least, we provide warranty on our work.

Our Professional Electricians will Troubleshoot and Take care of Your Problem

Whether The Situation Needs Repair, Replace or Install, They will Recommend The Best Solution. Our Professional Electricians Will troubleshoot Your Electrical Situation, Will Evaluate The Electrical Problem and Recommend The Best Solution To Proceed with a repair, replace or install.We are Contractors specializing in Electrical Home Services and Repair: Whether your electrical issue is indoors or outdoors, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any room. In ceilings, floors, walls, attic, on the roof or underground, we can take care of it.


Using safety electrical codes as our strict guideline, you can trust Sam and Sons services for a high quality electrical work.
When you have any electrical issue, please do not hesitate to call us. Some apparent minor electrical issues can cause become fire hazard.

Here is a list of what we can do for your house

Our electricians can Professionally Troubleshoot, Repair, Remove, Replace, Upgrade and Install the Following and a lot more, This is a Partial Home Electrical Services and Repair List:

Appliance installation Lighting Panels
Dishwashers Ballasts Panel heavy up
Flat screen TVs Chandeliers Installing electrical outlets for electric cars
Microwave Heavy Chandeliers Panel replace & Panel upgrade
Washer and dryer High ceiling chandeliers Power loss
And more Deck lights Power outage
Breaker boxes Driveways lights Wired smoke detectors
Breakers of all types Exterior Wireless smoke detectors
Electrical Panels Fluorescent lights Chirping or beeping smoke detectors
Wired door bells Halogen lights Sockets
Wireless door bells Interior Light bulbs stuck in sockets
Drop service cable Landscape lights Loose sockets
Leaky or Broken Service Cables Low voltage lights Surge protectors?for the whole house
Fans Motion lights Switches
Attic fans Motion lights. Dimmer Switches
Ceiling fans Night activated lights Electrical switches
Exhaust Fans Patio lights Multiple switches
Gable fans Pendant lights Wiring
and more Pole lights Cable tv
Outlets Pool lights Computer network
Electrical outlets Porch lights Computer Networks
GFCI or GFI outlets Recessed lights In multiple floors
Outlet for appliances Sconces In multiple rooms
Outlet for microwave Security lights Inside walls
Outlet for washer and dryer Track lightings Telephone wiring
Outlets for TVs Under cabinet Water damaged wiring

Electrical Service Details

What Electricians Can Do For Your Home
Here is further info detailing the service and repair list above that our electricians can do for your home

Installing electrical outlets for electric cars

Our electricians can install 220V electrical outlets to charge electric cars, if you already own or you’re planning to buy an electric car, please contact us and we’ll be happy to install a dedicated electrical outlet so you can charge the battery of your electric vehicle.

appliance repair in Springfield VA

Gable fans, attic fans and whole house fans

To cool down your home and the attic and regulates temperature automatically, save energy and exhaust out the bad moisture in the air.

New appliances

like microwave or washer and dryer, dishwashers, Flat screen TVs etc.

Fluorescent lights and Ballasts

Fluorescent light ballast, halogen light, low voltage lights and track lighting, interior and exterior lighting including security and motion lights.

Exhaust Fans and vent fans

We also work on bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans and we provide a quiet versions as well upon request. Under cabinet lighting: To beautify your kitchen and add light to dark areas.

Home wiring

Telephone wiring, Cable tv, computer network wiring and more: We can run them inside the walls and in multiple rooms and through multiple floors.

Ceiling fans

With or without lights and remote controls.


Hang chandelier or pendant lights on high foyer ceiling ceiling or any ceiling, in some situations we use scaffolds as well.

Breakers and Fuses

Fuse boxes that keep blowing out and circuit breakers that keep tripping or stop working.

Computer Networks

Home office or whole house computer network wiring.

Exterior lights

pole lights and security lights: Including motion lights and night activated lights, for driveways, patio, porch, decks, pools or landscape, pole

Electrical switches and dimmer switches

Install one or multiple dimmer switchs to control your lights from various locations. Door bells: Wired and wireless.


We specialize in electrical panels, we can upgrade, heavy up and replace, make sure your electrical panel is safe and we recomand that you install a whole house surge protector.

Whole house surge protection

To protect your home appliances during extreme power surge that usually happen during storms, lightning or when the power comes back on ofter a power outage and in some occasions happens randomly.

Drop service cable

Insulate wet, leaky and damaged by seeping water inside.

Electrical Switches

Install one or multiple electrical switches to control lights from various places. Electrical outlets: Whether it is a regular outlet, GFI outlet for kitchen and bath or outdoors or a special outlet for new appliance like microwave and washer and dryer.

Electrical sockets

If you ever have a light bulb stuck in its electrical socket or the electrical socket itself became loose do not hesitate to contact us.

Flat screen TVs

Inside wall wiring and install TV outlet behind it.


GFCI outlets for kitchen, bathrooms and exterior.


Halogen lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, track lighting, low voltage lights, sconces and more.

Power loss and power outage

esulting in loosing lights in all or part of the house. Smoke detectors: Wired or wireless smoke detector that’s not working, chirping or beeping non stop. and a lot more.

We Serve Electrical Services in Springfield VA

We Provide Electrical Services in Springfield VA


We service all Springfield VA and the neighboring areas including the following zip codes:

24-Hour Emergency Services

Our Team will answer all questions

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