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Electricians in Alexandria Virginia

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Electricians Service in Alexandria Virginia VA

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Electrical Services and Repair Our Work Comes With a Warranty.


Electricians in Alexandria Virginia

Our offices are based in Alexandria Virginia and our electricians are always happy to help. We’re servicing VA. We also service all the neighboring areas in Virginia, all Washington DC and part of Maryland.

residential electricians in Alexandria

Electrical Repair Troubleshoot & Install

Our Alexandria VA technicians are fully equipped with electrical tools and materials in their work vans. They can repair any electrical issue in your home, specialized in all kinds of electrical home repairs, they can troubleshoot all electrical problems, provide you with the best solution, fix the problem and give you a warranty on their work. You can count on Sam & Sons Services technicians for all your electrical repairs, troubleshoot or installation. Call us to schedule an appointment. Our work is always guaranteed with a full year warranty on labor.

When You Need New Outlets Alexandria Virginia

Our technicians are specialized in electrical appliance installations, like installing dedicated circuits for appliances (microwave, washer/dryer etc.) When you buy a new microwave or a dryer for example, you will notice that the new appliance plug is not fitting the old outlet, this is due to a change in the electrical safety code. By code, a microwave/oven, a dryer, etc. need to have a dedicated circuit to reduce the risk of fire hazards, our electricians can help you install your new appliance and use it safely and comfortably.

LED Lighting Installation

LED lighting is relatively a new technology that surged in the past few years, they revolutionized the lighting market with the low power consumption and their high quality lights LED lights are extremely energy efficient, they consume only 10% to 30% power of the regular light bulbs. Their lighting can surpass the traditional lighting in intensity and quality. LEDs can provide multiple light temperatures, from day lighting type to warm lighting temperature when it is time to relax.

LEDs are a lot cooler than the traditional lights as they don’t heat up as much, thus, will not contribute to heating up your home in the summer while your HVAC system is working hard to cool it, which results in an unnecessary increase in power consumption and a higher energy bill. The fact that the LEDs consume a fraction of the power of their counterpart incandescent lights, that results in a deep dive of your lighting energy bill.

Our electricians in Alexandria Virginia highly recommend installing LED lighting whether you want to replace a non-working existing light or just to reduce your home energy bill in general. Please contact us to receive more details from one of our experienced electricians in Alexandria Virginia.

Upgrade & Install Electrical Panels Alexandria VA

You can count on our technicians for your minor or major home electrical work like electrical panel upgrades, repairs or heavy up. If your house in Alexandria VA is old and still has an electrical fuse box, by code you must replace it with an electrical breaker panel. Most old fuse boxes are overloaded due to the fact of lifestyle change and today’s standards, people are using more and more appliances, thus more power consumption than ever before. Fuses are a known fire hazard, because people oversize the fuses causing the wires to get too hot and catch fire, without blowing the fuse. Protecting your house and your family is a must, call us and we’ll be happy to help you replace your old fuse box and install a new electrical panel for you.

Electricians Alexandria VA
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Installing Recessed lights

Our technicians are specialized in installing recessed lights to improve the lighting in your home, new recessed lights installation can make dark areas more useful and user friendly and impact positively your living space.
Under cabinet lights installation can give an accent to a more beautiful kitchen.
We can help you install or repair lights fixtures, sconces, chandeliers, fluorescent lights and more.
Some chandeliers or light fixtures are unusually high in the ceiling especially in the area of the foyer, our technicians can remove and replace or repair those light fixtures without any problem.

electricians near Alexandria Virginia

We Replace-Repair Attic Fans in Alexandria VA

Our electricians can help troubleshoot your non-working attic fan in Alexandria Virginia, they can also remove and install a new one. Attic fans with thermostat are very useful in order to help your cooling and heating systems reach a stable, peak performance, while saving energy and keeping your electric bill price low. Attic fans reduce upstairs temperatures, this can reduce your house air conditioning cost. Electricians Service in Alexandria Virginia Without an attic fan, summer temperatures in the 80s can push the temperature to an extreme in your attic, up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Install Track Lighting in Alexandria Virginia

220V electrical outlets

Installing track lighting in your house is beneficial in many ways. In addition to beautify and decorate your home, track lighting is an excellent way to get the most lighting exactly where you want it. This kind of set up includes in light fixtures that are connected with electrical conductors to the track itself. Track lights come in various designs, so not only do they provide excellent and precise lighting, they can blend as a decor to make your home look more luxurious. All the lights on the track are independent, so each one is easy to adjust to exactly where the light is needed.

These lights also move up and down the track so they can reach anywhere. Track lighting is easy to install and very affordable, so give us a call and have one our certified technicians come down and install them for you, and as always, our work come with warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Installing electrical outlets for electric cars

Our electricians can install 220V electrical outlets to charge electric cars, if you already own or you’re planning to buy an electric car, please contact us and we’ll be happy to install a dedicated electrical outlet so you can charge the battery of your electric vehicle.

electricians near Alexandria Virginia

We Install Power Generators

Power Generators Installation in Herndon, Install Power Generators
During power outages, caused by storms or other emergency situations, our technicians can help restore the power to your home in Alexandria Virginia. They can install an emergency backup power generator that can run on natural gas and can be permanently connected to your home gas line. A sudden outage will trigger the emergency power generator to run, thus restoring your home power almost instantly.

Repair or Install Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm in Alexandria Virginia

Smoke detectors (also known as fire alarms) are the first line of defense providing early warning against fire threats.
The electrical codes in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland make it a must to have smoke detectors in each home. Our technicians can help you install or repair your faulty smoke detector. Annoying chirping sounds are signs of smoke detector malfunction, our technicians can help you fix this situation. Good healthy smoke detectors are a must for your home because it protects your family and your house, call our technicians immediately if you notice any problem with your smoke detectors.

Repair or Install Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm

Our Electricians Install Security Lights

Our technicians are specialized also in exterior security lights installation. Security lights will light up your driveway and the exterior areas around your house when it is dark.
Security lights with motion detector or motion sensor will automatically light up the exterior areas around your house at night when someone walks in a dark area. Security lights are highly recommended for the safety of your family and your house, if the security lights at your home need repair or if you want to install new ones, our technicians will be happy to help you. They can also help you install landscape lighting to beautify your dark yard so you can enjoy your evenings outside, and for your home to stand out in your neighborhood.

Whether you want to repair, move, or install new electrical switch, outlet, dimmer switch indoors or outdoors, our technicians can help. As always we provide a warranty on all our work.

Whole House Surge Protector

Installing a whole house surge protector for your home is best. Our technicians can install this device to protect the appliances of your home in case of a power surge. A power surge can be caused by storms, the Washington DC area is continuously hit by storms that can damage not only your appliances, but also the wiring inside the house.
A sudden power surge of thousands of volts can cause an immediate fire in the electrical wires, and will cause the fire to spread very fast in the house. Such extreme situations will render the main breaker useless even if you try to turn it off. Installing a surge protector will protect your appliances, your whole house, and keep all your whole family safe.

Install or Repair Ceiling Fans in Alexandria Virginia

In addition of being an added style accessory for your home, ceiling fans are low energy cost and can help lower electric bills all year long and our technicians can install all types of ceiling fans

During the summer

Ceiling fans won't decrease room temperature, they just make the room feel cooler, so you can raise the thermostat temperature and be as comfortable as if it was a lower room temperature. Ceiling fans with a built-in lights add design and general lighting benefits to your room. Our technicians are specialized in ceiling fan installations even on high ceilings. call us at 7032568080

During the winter

Ceiling fans equipped with a reversible motor create a comfortable environment all year round. They can circulate warm air during cold season. When running clockwise, ceiling fans push the warm air down from the ceiling and help distribute it evenly in the room. There will be no need to increase the thermostat temperature of your heating system and wasting more energy & money.

Our Electricians are Specialized in Low Voltage Lighting Installation

Low voltage lights are highly recommended for their efficiency and for their very unique luminescence. They consist of very low voltage, usually around 30 volts or less. Low voltage lights use very little energy, thus saving you more money on your electrical bill. Low voltage lights also have a longer life span, lasting 50 times longer than the ordinary light bulbs used in households. Due to their low consumption of energy they are cool to the touch and do not heat up like the regular bulbs do. So if your looking to cut down on your electrical bill, having one of our qualified technicians to install low voltage lighting in your home should be your next move.

electricians in Norther Virginia

Exhaust Fans for Kitchen & Bathroom

Time to replace your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan: If you notice a lot of moisture and condensation in the bathroom, it is a sign of an exhaust fan malfunction. Exhaust fan problems occur when the fan gets disconnected from the duct work or there is no roof cap. Without a roof cap to release the moisture outside, the moisture gets released in the attic which can cause damage to the attic wood and insulation.

In other cases, the moisture gets released inside the walls, which will eventually create mold and damage inside the walls, like mold on the insulation, mold on wood, mold on drywall, peeling pain, rusty phone-cable and electrical wires, if the problem is not corrected it will cause damages to the interior of the house and more. Our electricians in Alexandria Virginia can repair such problems.

When our electricians connect the exhaust fan to the duct work, you will have a good air flow in the house which help reducing future remodeling and maintenance cost. The exhaust fan will reduce the moisture and condensation, because too much humidity can cause mold, mildew, rust, dry wall and ceiling deterioration, fixture damage, peeling paint, wood damage on doors and cabinets in addition, exhaust fans are great for a healthier cleaner air as well.
Exhaust fans don’t just remove odors, they are the best way to improve the quality of air flow in kitchens and bathrooms. Your home needs a good ventilation system in place, installing exhaust fans is the best solution.

Installing GFCI Outlets in Alexandria VA

GFCI outlets also known as GFI are a must by electrical code in bathrooms, kitchens, garages and in the exterior of the house. GFCIs reduce the hazards of electrical outlet nearby wet areas, they are safe and protect your home. If you notice that your GFCI outlet keeps tripping, won’t reset, or needs repair please contact an electrician as soon as you notice the bad outlet, our electricians can troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Wiring Cable TV, Phone Lines & Networks

Sam & Sons technicians can install cable lines, phone lines, Cat-5e, and Cat-6 data lines. Our technicians are experienced and they’ll fish wires through walls to conceal them. When you need a cable line for your flat screen TV or high speed Internet you can count on our technicians in Alexandria Virginia.

If you want a whole house network, our technicians can install a hard wired network for your house. Hard wired networks are a lot faster than wireless or Wifi systems. While there is a high loss in speed when connecting through Wifi, a hard wired network will deliver your top internet speed without the loss. More network and internet speed is more productivity. A hard wired computer network will reduce or eliminate the interference with other signals in the house. A hard wired computer network is very useful for telework, lot of companies require a hard wired network for employees to work from home. Our technicians can also troubleshoot shorts and problems in hard wired system using special tracking tools, we can troubleshoot phone lines or cable jacks, find the problem and repair it, please hire us with confidence: 703-256-8080, and as always, our work comes with warranty.

Flat Screen TV Installation

Flat screen TVs need special wiring, and in most cases installing they need a new electrical outlet hidden behind the TV. The TV needs to be mounted properly on the wall. The electrical wires will be hidden for safety to protect your kids, pets and whole family. Sam & Sons technicians can help you with the installation in Alexandria Virginia, they will install it and wire it correctly, as always all work comes with warranty, please call for more info and to schedule an appointment.

Door Bell Repair and Installation Alexandria Virginia

No matter how beautiful your home inside and outside is, a door bell gives the first impression about your house for your visitor. Nothing is better than having a professionally installed door bell with nice looking door bell from outside with nice chimes to alert you and to welcome your visitors at the door. If you don’t have a door bell installed yet or your existing door bell is not working, do not hesitate to call our electrical department. One of our professional technicians will be happy to help you installing a new one. Our technicians can also help you repairing or replacing your non working or old existing door bell.

Let your new installed door bell welcome your visitors and impress them before they even walk in your door. Not only they do the work right, but our technicians provide warranty on their work as well. so if anything goes wrong with the work they’ll come and and fix it for you. Have Sam & Sons technicians help you improve your living space, we’re sure you’ll be happy you did.

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