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Faucet Repair in
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Do you have a dripping or leaking faucet in your Fairfax house or business?

A dripping or leaky faucet is not only annoying but it can waste up to several thousand gallons of wasted water quickly depending on how bad the leak is which in turn translates to a lot of money wasted from your wallet. Faucets that are leaking at a pace of 1 drop per second, will waste about 2000 gallons of water per year. Leaking water from faucets may deteriorate piping and cause damage to the surface of your toilets and sinks and shorten their life. In general, faucet leaks are caused by either high water pressure or a bad pressure regulator. Save time and money through getting your faucet repaired correctly from the first time. Sam and Sons Plumbing is your nearby Fairfax faucet repair plumbers. We can repair your faucet or leaking toilet fast and our work is guaranteed

We Are Local Plumbers Who Repair Faucets In Fairfax VA

Whether your faucet is leaking water from its base has or has a slow drip, its leak may cause staining, and damages your fixtures and most likely you’ll end up with expensive repairs. If a broken faucet is left without repair, it can lead to expensive repairs around it and under it. Damages may start by countertop stains and then to the under-sink cabinet, and then if ignored, the water may damage the floor, subfloor, and ceiling below, and nothing will stop the water from further damage except a good Sam and Sons plumber, we repair faucets in Fairfax VA
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Fairfax VA Faucet Repair

You will find four kinds of faucets in the market: Ball-type faucets, ceramic disk faucets, compression faucets, cartridge (sleeve) faucets. Sam and Sons plumbers in Fairfax VA can are familiar with all faucet types and they can take care of any faucet repair quickly. The plumbers at Sam and Sons in Fairfax (703) 256-8080 will tell you what’s needed to fix your faucet issue properly. You can trust our friendly and professional Fairfax plumbers to fix your faucet problems.

Water Leaks in Fairfax, Virginia

Water leaks and dripping faucets in your Fairfax home are a big waste of water and money. Do not underestimate the slow water leaks and the smallest drips around your home in Fairfax because they need attention and prompt repair. Call Sam and Sons Plumbing at (703) 256-8080 and one of our certified plumbers in Fairfax will stop by to help.

A visual plumbing inspection will identify whether you have a water leak that needs repair in your home in Fairfax VA, You can inspect for water leaks or wet spots in these common areas:

Faucet Repair in Fairfax Virginia Areas:

George Mason University, Fairfax County Judicial Center, Van Dyck Park in Fairfax VA.

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