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furnace replacement near Ashburn VA
furnace replacement near Ashburn VA

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Furnace Repair in Ashburn Virginia

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Furnace Repair in Ashburn Virginia

We provide Furnace Repair in Ashburn Virginia, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. If your furnace stops functioning properly Sam & Sons Services in Ashburn Virginia offers furnace repair, maintenanceinstallation and furnace replacement near Ashburn VA for all types of furnace-based heating systems. We can help diagnose your furnace problem and repair it as required. Email or call us at 703-256-8080 to set up a service appointment.

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Most Common furnace replacement near Ashburn VA

Don’t hesitate to call Sam & Sons Services when you notice any of the following signs of a heating system problem:

Not delivering enough heat:

The filter may be heavily clogged with dust that slows down the airflow, which in turn will cause less heated air to get around the house, Thus adding more load on your system to heat up the house properly.

Keep turning on and off or not starting automatically:

If your furnace keeps turning on and off too quickly or not turning on automatically the thermostat might be malfunctioning, broken, or lost its correct settings

Leaking water:

This is typically a sign of a malfunction of the built-in humidifier or a loose exhaust pipe.

Noisy Furnace:

A dull hum is usual while your furnace is running normally. The issue is that if you hear a loud humming or buzzing sound coming from your furnace, it usually means that you need furnace service in Ashburn-VA.

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If you notice any of these warning signs, call Sam & Sons at (703) 256-8080 for quick and professional furnace service in Ashburn VA. You can count on us to keep you cozy throughout the winter. Call Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a furnace usually last?

On average, furnaces last around 10 years or so, but the lifespan of a furnace depends on the manufacturer, installation, and maintenance. Completing annual furnace maintenance and being diligent with repairs can extend its life even longer. Email us or call us at (703)256-8080 if you have any questions about your gas furnace repair in Ashburn-VA.

How long does it take to repair a furnace?

When you need an electric furnace repair near Ashburn-VA, you can depend on Sam & Sons Services to handle the job. Depending on the situation, the repair process could take 30 minutes up to several hours. And before we begin working, our technicians consider the complexity of the repair and the availability of parts. Then, they give you a detailed estimate of the time length it will take to complete your repair.

What is the most common problem with furnaces?

One of the most common furnace problems is a clogged or dirty filter. Clogs and blockages prevent air circulation. This forces the system to work harder and often results in poor heating, so to keep your furnace in good working order and to ensure maximum efficiency, replace your filter monthly.

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