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Heating Repair in
Fairfax Station Virginia

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Full-Service HVAC Company in Fairfax Station Virginia:

Sam and Sons Services is a family owned and operated business that specializes in residential AC repair, AC installation, heating repair, heating replacement and heating installation. Therefore, Sam and Sons Services is your complete HVAC contractor in Fairfax Station Virginia, offering a wide range of HVAC services. In addition to air conditioning and heating repairs and replacement, we also provide hot water heater repair, electrical, plumbing, handyman, and remodeling services.

Air Conditioning Service and Installation in Fairfax Station Virginia

We are experts in various types of air conditioning units in Fairfax Station Virginia.

Central Air Systems

They are “whole house” air conditioning supplied from one larger unit.

Heat Pumps

It is made up of an indoor unit known as an air handler and an outdoor unit that is similar to a central air conditioner.

Mini-Split Systems

They are separate room units that are frequently used when ductwork is not available.

Air Conditioning Installation Services in Fairfax Station VA

We offer top brands in heating and AC systems such as Carrier, Lennox, Trane and more. Also, We consider your home size, room configurations, insulation quality, circuit breakers/panels and ductwork to choose the best Heating/AC installation system.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services in Fairfax Station Virginia

Our HVAC trucks are well-stocked with standard heating and air conditioning spare parts so we can get your AC unit up and running in no time. Most AC repairs can be completed in a single visit. Our HVAC technicians are available in case of an emergency.

No heat in Fairfax Station

Heating Repair Services In Fairfax Station Virginia

We provide heating repair services, which are essential for keeping your home warm and comfortable during the coldest months. When a heating system breaks down, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable for your family. Fortunately, you can count on Sam and Sons Services for heating repair, replacement, installation and maintenance. Our experienced HVAC technicians are prepared to handle any type of heating problem and get your heating system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Sam and Sons For Heating Services In Fairfax Station Virginia?

We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and comfort. Thus, our HVAC technicians are experienced and can diagnose and fix problems with heating systems including problems with furnaces, and heat pumps.
We provide reliable and professional heating installation/replacement, repair, and maintenance services.
You can be assured that our HVAC technicians are dependable and efficient. We are ready to help you whether you need regular furnace maintenance or unexpected breakdown emergency repair. Also, we provide 24-hour heating repair emergency services throughout Fairfax Station Virginia. If your heating system stops working, begins cycling more frequently, or becomes noisy, contact us or call us right away (703) 256-8080, and we’ll troubleshoot and repair your HVAC problem.

Heating Installation/Replacement in Fairfax Station Virginia

Sam and Sons install and replace gas and electric furnaces. Every heating unit is properly installed to ensure that it will operate reliably and efficiently without any concerns. If you have an older heating system, our HVAC technicians will help replace it with a the right heating unit for your home. Our heating units of choice meet or exceed the latest efficiency standards. We install high-efficiency, multi-speed gas furnaces and quiet, efficient heat pumps that provide all-year comfort.

Types Of Heating Systems in Fairfax Station Virginia

1- Furnace

A furnace is a type of heating system that uses gas or electricity to heat homes. A blower in a furnace collects air, which is then heated by natural gas or electrical heating elements and distributed throughout the home.

Types of Furnaces

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace uses natural gas to heat the air. Gas furnaces are less expensive to operate and last longer.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace generates heated air through a heat exchanger using electrical heating elements. Electric furnaces are less expensive to install and require less maintenance, but they can be more expensive to run and heat homes less efficiently.

Benefits of a Furnace System

A furnace system is less expensive in terms of fuel and uses less energy than other heating systems.

2- Heat Pump

Heat pumps take heat from the outside air and move it inside the house.

Types of Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump

This type of heat pump draws hot air from the outside into the home.


Mini-split ductless heat pumps are ideal for homes without ductwork or for heating specific areas within a home.

Heat Pump benefits

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way of heating and cooling homes.

Components of a Heating System

When it comes to your heating infrastructure, you have two options: a heat pump or a furnace. Here are some of the benefits of each option

Air Ducts

They direct heated or cooled air to vents throughout your home.

Flame Sensors

These are gas furnace safety features that indicate whether or not a flame is present to ignite the gas.

Fan Blades

These blades are part of your heating system's fan. The fan circulates air throughout your home.


It is a pilot light or electric component that heats up the gas in your furnace to produce heated air.


High temperature gaskets seal the draft inducer blower and heat exchanger in heating systems.

Pressure Switches

These switches close to allow electricity to pass through and ignite the furnace.


The start and run capacitors in your heating system's fan motor provide power.

Types of Thermostats

Digital Thermostats

These thermostats have a digital display that allows a more precise temperature adjustment than the old manual thermostats.

Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell offers programmable and non-programmable digital thermostats. WiFi thermostats, like the Honeywell Pro 9000, are programmable and provide convenience as well as improved energy efficiency.

WiFi Thermostats

You can change the settings on these thermostats from any location with Internet access.

Smart Thermostat

The Google Nest thermostat is a "smart" thermostat that learns your schedule and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Common causes of heating system breakdowns in Fairfax Station Virginia

You never know when your heating system will break down. Even a regularly maintained furnace can fail. Some issues include:

If you notice a heating unit cycling frequently, the pilot light flickering or turning yellow, or if you hear unusual noises, contact us at (703) 256-8080. This could indicate a worn ball bearing or clogged blower .

Our HVAC technicians can also determine whether a problem is caused by a faulty or incorrectly set thermostat. Our experienced technicians can quickly troubleshoot and repair any HVAC problem.

Signs That You Need Our Heating Repair Services in Fairfax Station Virginia

Heating Maintenance/Tune-Up

Heating units need regular maintenance for a longer lifespan. We can address problems with fan blades, flame sensors, igniters, capacitors, gaskets, and pressure switches early to avoid costly HVAC breakdowns and repairs.

Contact us to schedule a regular tune-up to inspect your furnace for leaks, low pressure, and signs of wear and tear. Tuning the system allows it to run consistently, efficiently and help avoid excess wear and premature damage.

We provide heating maintenance and tune-up services. A tune-up can pay for itself by increasing efficiency and extending the life of your heating system. Contact us at (703) 256-8080 to schedule your heating unit maintenance/tune-up.

Heating system repair in Fairfax Station

Schedule Heating Repair Services With Sam and Sons Today!

Our company offers exceptional heating repair services to ensure that your home remains warm. Our HVAC technicians will help install, repair, and maintain your heating unit. We offer warranties that provide our customers peace of mind.

Sign up for our Yearly Service Plan for the best in maintenance. Contact us at (703) 256-8080 to schedule a heating installation, repair, or maintenance visit and receive your estimate.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Our Team will answer all questions

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