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Need Sink

Repair and Installation in Annandale VA, bathroom sink repair, bathroom sink repair

Need Sink Repair and Installation in Annandale VA, Sink Replacement in Annandale VA,

Looking for home remedies for clogged sink, home remedies for clogged sink

Sink Repair Annandale VA
Professional plumber working renovation in kitchen home.

Sink Repair and Installation
in Annandale

"In a Jam? Call Sam!"


Sink Problem? We Service Annandale

We repair, snake, unclog and install sinks for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and bars.
Whatever your sink project is, we can do it, and we service Annandale VA Call us now: (703) 256-8080

Clogged Sinks Promote Unhealthy Environment

Still water, inside your home is a recipe for an unhealthy environment.
Whether a bathroom or kitchen sink, a clogged sink bring many potential health risks for your family.
If you delay repairing it, your kitchen and bathroom will not only start to smell bad but they’ll become a fertile ground for bad bacteria and mildew.
Do not underestimate the impact of a clogged sink on your home hygiene and on the health of your family, at a sign of sink malfunction please contact us, Sam & Sons Plumbers can help you.

When you have such an emergency and your sink is clogged or backed up you can count on us, We will professionally repair fast.
We’ll unclog the sink by snaking it and give you the peace of mind of a clean home environment.

Sink Repair in Annandale VA

Licensed, Bonded and Insured contractor
At Sam & Sons Services, we know that a clogged or backed up sink can paralyze your kitchen, bathroom and your whole house.
Our plumbers are specialized in kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bar sinks repair and installation. They can snake or repair the sink and restore it back into a good working condition.

Sink Removal and Installation

A new sink will beautify your bathroom and kitchen. A new sink in your kitchen will transform it into a more efficient cooking and eating place. When you have a non working sink that needs repair or when you have an old one and feel it’s time to replace it, you can count on our plumbers to do the job. Our technicians will do a swift removal of your old sink and install the new one. We also provide warranty on our work. Call us today : (703) 256-8080

Sink Removal and Installation

Licensed, Bonded and Insured contractor, Sam & Sons Services offices are based in Northern Virginia in Alexandria and our plumbers are always happy to help. We provide plumbing services in Annandale VA. We also service all the neighboring areas in Virginia.

We service all Annandale VA and the neighboring areas including the following zip codes:

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