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Water Heater in Northern VA:

Is it Time to Let Your Water Heater Go?

Because the water coming into your home is frequently cold or cool depending on the season, water heaters are vital to ensure that you have enough warm or hot water to run your dishwasher, washing machine, and, most significantly, to take a hot shower.Water heaters resemble large metal cylinders with tall drums that are frequently relegated to the laundry room or basement. Some of the newer models offer unique characteristics, such as eliminating the tank as a whole in favor of water-on-demand. If you notice any of the following warning signs for a damaged water heater then maybe it is time to let your water heater go:

Water heater installation in Northern VA

water heater, water heater, water heater

Discoloration in Water

When a water heater starts to corrode or rust after a long period of usage, the surrounding water can be contaminated, which results in brown, murky appearance.


Several things can cause your water heater to leak, one possibility might be resulting from a drain valve that needs to be replaced, which is easily done by one of Sam and Sons licensed plumbers. A few drops of water near your water heater on the floor may not appear to be a significant problem, but it can quickly become one. Check for dripping or adjacent puddles of water nearby, since allowing water to sit can damage your flooring walls or other areas of your home that potentially result in mold problems.

Cold Water

If hot water is not flowing to your kitchen faucet, shower-head, or other water sources daily, your water heater may be defective and incapable of producing hot water. When your water heater is damaged due to a faulty heating element, a faulty energy source, or damaged tubing, the experience of a skilled Sam and Sons plumber is required.

When to Replace Your Water Heater?

Whether your water heater is electric or gas, they mostly have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years if not less, soon after that, their energy efficiency begins to deteriorate and you may witness your bill progressively grow in price for no reason. So if your water heater is near the end of its useful life, you might be causing more harm than good. Call our team of professional plumbers at 703-256-8080, if you live anywhere near Northern Virginia, or Maryland.

water heater, water heater, water heater

water heater, water heater, water heater

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